Initiated in 1998 by PMC alumni, the PMC Museum received the full support of Widener University's Board of Trustees and administration, including the designation of space in Alumni Auditorium. In turn, the Museum Steering Committee accepted full responsibility for raising all funds needed for renovation and construction, collection and exhibit assembly, and a perpetual endowment fund.

The first funding commitment was from Leslie C. Quick, Jr., Class of 1950, who pledged to personally match the first $250,000 raised. The first critical fundraising goal was met by a 1999 leadership gift campaign and construction of the museum was completed in the fall of 2000. At the opening of the museum, Leslie C. Quick, Jr. pledged to personally match an additional $100,000.

PMC alumni are invited to participate in two ways: You can :

  1. Give a cash gift.
  2. Donate PMC memorabilia.