We welcome offers of all memorabilia, artifacts, ephemera, and photographs to the PMC Museum. Please contact us first with a brief description of your items for review by the PMC Museum Committee.

We seek items focusing on cadet life, athletics, military service and special events. Items pertaining to military conflicts such as World War I, World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War are especially welcome, as are items of an unusual or rare nature.

Weapons are also welcome, but firearms will be rendered inoperable upon receipt.

All items that we accept will be catalogued for the PMC Museum's archival collection, and may be used for future exhibits of special interest. However, some items may not be included in any permanent exhibit.

The collection has a sufficient supply of "standard" uniforms (hats, keefer boxes, tarbuckets, etc.), but pre-World War I uniforms and hats are needed, as well as dress uniforms and accoutrements.