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Stephen M. Alinikoff '66
My four years at PMC had a profound effect on my life. I want to give something back and I feel strongly about preserving the PMC history at Widener.

James Robert Beach '53
I entered P.M.P.S. for one year of post graduate high school and continued on at PMC for four years of college, graduating as Cadet Captain Co. B. Those five years of discipline taught me to organize my life, and are still with me today!

"The attitude gained directed me through very successful and rewarding careers in both the Army and civilian life. In retirement I can still say, 'PMC was the best choice of college for me.

Marshall D. Beall '64
I am making a gift to the Museum to honor those who fought in Vietnam.

Roy Collins '64
I am making this pledge to the PMC Museum to preserve in some way the memories of my friends and classmates, as well as the institution itself. Without these elements my life would have been much less rewarding.

J. William Cowdright '66
In order to look to the future, we need to know from where we came. It defines the character of the institution and those who passed through it. Preserving the history (including the memorabilia) help us to define who we were and where we need to go. This museum is just one step in that process.

Byron W. Daniels '68
I feel that this unique part of history should not be allowed to slip from memory.>/q>;

George P. Fox Jr. '64
Nothing in my life has equipped me as well for all my success's in life as the military tradition I received at Pennsylvania Military College.

Andrew A. Fraser '67
I just received the letter and brochure concerning the PMC Museum. It's good to see that plans are well underway and I wish you all great success in your efforts.

Herbert H. Fricke '61
I learned how to study and to excel. PMC changed my life!

R. Michael Gallagher '69
I am contributing to the PMC Museum while still supporting Widener because of my strong feelings that the Corps of Cadets and Pennsylvania Military College have been nearly erased from history. Recognition and acknowledgment of the long and honored PMC tradition is needed.

Frank D. Giorno '70
I fully support this endeavor and believe it is something that really needs to be done. I applaud your efforts and will support them to the best of my financial ability at this time. I truly believe that the long history and tradition of PMC should not be lost but preserved for future generations. Thank you for taking on this task.

Pierre H. Hansot '57
Both the PMC Prep School and PMC College serve as a heritage which should not be forgotten. It is to Widener University's credit that this legacy is acknowledged for current and future alumni./p>

Richard L. Hellwege '46
I was fortunate to be able to be with you during Homecoming weekend. As the first alumni to see and visit the PMC Museum prior to dedication, I was very pleased to see the first rate job done to commemorate PMC. I also did attend the dedication ceremony Saturday morning, October 14--very well done. Kudos to you all and Leslie Quick for his generous gift.

Richard K. Higgins '63
Good institution for making men out of boys. Taught appreciation of country, other people, as well as right from wrong. Personally, as member of HQ Co. for four years (band - trombone), many fun memories of football games (rain or shine), and good friends. Also enabled an average student to complete four years with a degree and commission as 2nd Lt. in U.S. Army. Feel service duty should be required for those able to serve!

Jay Knapp '59
PMC has a very long and illustrious history which is worth preserving for its educational value to current and future students. It provided us with an excellent education and also taught us how to think and reason. We also learned the important values of leadership and success, and honesty and loyalty.

I also benefited from my extracurricular activities, including a very long year with the Pershing Rifles - two teams won the national championships in both divisions in the same year. I also had four great years on the rifle team, including a second Army championship. I remember ROTC Summer Camp my junior year, especially the leadership training.

John M. Keck '51
Although I was at PMC for only one year, I have many fond memories of PMC. It certainly helped to prepare me for a subsequent four years in the USAF.

Linford Kinney '59
I believe that it is important that Pennsylvania Military College be remembered for future generations. "Freedom isn't Free", and PMC played an important role in our nation's history.

Vincent J. Land '55
Best four years at PMC!!