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MollA History of Pennsylvania Military College: 1821-1954 by Clarence Moll

Doctoral thesis by Clarence Moll, who was President of Pennsylvania Military College, PMC Colleges, Widener College, and Widener University from 1959-1981. The book describes the history of the institution from 1821 - 1954.


BuxtonPennsylvania Military College: The Story of One Hundred Years 1821-1921 by Henry Buxton

This book is a history of Pennsylvania Military College from 1821 to 1921, written by the College Recorder. It includes numerous pictures and a "Who's Who" of many graduates and ex-cadets, describing their professions and military records.


Historical Chronologies

Campus Buildings

Aerial View Chalmer Kirkbride Armory

This exhibit chronicles the growth of the Chester Campus from 1894 to present, depicting the buildings that were constructed or acquired, as well as those that were demolished, to create the modern campus. It also includes information about the individuals for which the buildings were named.

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