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Cowee Family Papers


Cowee Family PapersThis exhibit includes photographs, documents and correspondence illustrating life at Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School and Pennsylvania Military College during the 1920s and 1930s.  These items were collected by James Farwell Cowee (PMPS 1926 and PMC 1930) and donated by his son, James Farwell Cowee, Jr.  (PMPS 1954. The exhibit also includes an oral history from James Farwell Cowee, Jr.



Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School (PMPS)


Pennsylvania Military Preparatory SchoolThis exhibit begins with a collection of photographs and bulletins, as well as a scrapbook by David Silverstein that illustrates his life while at Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School.  It includes Prep School Viewbooks and Regulation Books.

PMPS Newspapers

PMPS Yearbooks



PMC During World War II

PMC During World War IIThis exhibit includes photographs, newspaper articles, documents and course catalogs about the Accelerated Course of Study and Army Specialized Training Programs that the school provided during World War II.  It illustrates the important contributions made by PMC in preparing young men for military service.