How to Research

Step 1: Identify and develop your topic.
Step 2: Search the Online Catalog and Online Databases to find resources on your topic.
Step 3: Find Internet Resources.
Step 4: Cite what you Find.

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Step 1: Identify and Develop your Topic.

Summary- Use books, journal articles and websites from your discipline to find interesting and relevant concepts that you want to explore further. Talk to professors to discover current issues and new research in your field. Consider the multiple perspectives on your topic.

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Step 2: Search the Online Catalog (WebPAC) and Online Databases to Find Resources on your Topic.

A- Library Online Catalog (WebPAC)

Summary- Use WebPAC, the Widener University Library Catalog, to find books on your topic that are available in the library. WebPAC also lists the journal titles, videotapes, DVDs and CDs that the library owns.

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B- Online Databases

Summary- Wolfgram Memorial Library subscribes to many electronic scholarly databases. These sources allow you to search for articles about your topic. Many databases enable you to obtain the full text of the article.

  • Click on Databases by Title to obtain a list of the databases that you can access at Wolfgram Memorial Library. (Click here for instructions on accessing the databases from off-campus.)


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Additional Resources:

Step 3: Find Internet Resources


Summary - The Internet is a vast, unregulated, unscreened source. You can find useful information, but you must evaluate all the resources that you retrieve.


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Step 4: Cite What you Find


Summary – Wolfgram Memorial Library has copies of all style manuals behind the reference desk. These print sources include accurate and up-to-date examples for all types of sources that you may encounter. The take home guides provide concise overviews of the APA and MLA styles, including useful examples.


Wolfgram Library Research Pages

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