Finding Journal Titles in the Online Catalog (WebPAC)

1. From the Library’s Homepage, select Find Journal Titles.

2. Select WebPAC (Widener Library Catalog).

3. In the drop-down menu choose Journal Title and enter the title that you want to find.

4. The catalog will indicate:

  • A. The library only owns the print version.
  • B. The library owns the print version of this title and provides electronic access as well. The library may own the print version of a journal for a specific span of years and then offer only electronic coverage.

Important: Always check the dates for the article that you need.

Example A:
Araujo, G. C. & Wong, E. H. (2005). High risk drinking and college students’ self-perceptions. Psychological Reports, 97(3).

Finding Journal Titles

Example B:

LaBrie, J. W.; Pedersen, E. R.; Lamb, T. F. & Quinlan, T. (2007). A campus-based motivational enhancement group intervention reduces problematic drinking in freshmen male college students. Addictive Behaviors, 32(5).


Finding Journal Titles

Finding Journal Titles


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