Financial Aid Policies

The Office of Student Financial Services is the primary contact for all student financial assistance information.

Information on all federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs available at Widener University, how to apply, methods by which such assistance is distributed among student recipients who enroll at Widener, student rights and responsibilities, terms and conditions of Federal Work Study, loan information and counseling, Widener's Code of Conduct for Education Loans, academic progress standards, federal aid for study abroad programs and the terms and conditions under which students may obtain deferral of repayment or partial cancellation of certain loans under the Peace Corps Act or the Domestic Service Volunteer Service Act or for comparable service as a volunteer for a tax-exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service are all found on the Office of Student Financial Services website.

Refund Policies

Information on complete withdrawal, refunds, adjustment of charges and return of federal student aid funds can be found at the Student Financial Services website in the Financial Aid Handbook under Forms and Publications. The University Guide to Fees and Payment published each year offers additional information on complete withdrawals.