Office of Special Projects & Initiatives

The Office of Special Projects and Initiatives serves as the primary liaison with the federal and state governments and works in coordination with the Office of Community Engagement and Diversity Initiatives as a liaison with the local government. The office cultivates and sustains relationships with legislative and executive branch officials and their offices in support of strategic institutional initiatives and priority projects.

The work of the office entails tracking and monitoring legislation, analyzing public policy, and educating the institution's administrators, faculty members, and students regarding topics that pertain to higher education. In this way, the office helps to inform advocacy efforts of its internal constituents on matters that align with and are representative of the institution's mission and strategic plan. The office promotes and supports adherence to the institution’s policy on campus political activity.

Director of Special Projects and Initiatives

The director of Special Projects and Initiatives serves as the primary government relations officer for the institution and thereby cultivates and sustains relationships on behalf of the institution with elected officials and their offices. The director also provides essential project management to advance priority institutional initiatives and projects and help ensure effective communication with internal and external constituents.

Additionally, the director writes and edits speeches, reports, proposals, correspondence, and government documents on behalf of senior leadership, to include the Office of the President and the Executive Team. The director also provides editorial assistance to university administrators, deans, and faculty members with government opportunities, grants, and contracts. Furthermore, the director manages the work with and contracts of the institution's state and federal lobbying firms.

The director serves on the president's Senior Leadership Team.