President For A Day

Have you thought about what it would be like to be the president of Widener University?

The Widener President for a Day program takes the university’s emphasis on experiential learning and leadership development all the way to the top. Each year, one student earns the opportunity to serve as president for a day, experiencing the leadership skills needed to lead a metropolitan university. As an added twist, not only does the student serve as president for a day, but President Julie E. Wollman becomes student for a day, attending the student’s classes and reporting to any work-study jobs or extracurricular activities the student may be involved in.

The 2016 President for a Day was Joseph Santone, a senior accounting major from Blackwood, NJ. As President-for-a-Day, Santone had the opportunity to take action on his platform. During his day, he shared his presentation with members of the university, and he met with members of the executive team to learn what goes into running a university.

As if his day wasn’t busy enough, Santone met a potential donor, had a stewardship meeting with a trustee, and reviewed new construction and physical plant upgrades on campus.

Joe SantoneJoe Santone, 2016 President for a Day

“You never forget when you were president for a day,” Joe Santone, '16, said. “It was the perfect opportunity to culminate my Widener experience. I learned so much about what it takes to run a university.”

Meeting the Board of Trustee members was Santone’s favorite part of the day. “As a business student I look up to these guys,” he said. “This is who I want to be. It was an honor to meet with them.”

Dr. Julie E. WollmanJulie E. Wollman

"It was a good opportunity to have the experience of what it’s like to be a student at Widener. It’s very important for me as president of the university to understand the student experience. I know how every little thing can impact students’ experience at Widener, and I want them to have the best possible experience.”


Apply in 2017

Think you have what it takes to be Widener’s president? Well now you can seize the day–one day to be exact!

Information about how to apply for President for a Day, 2017 will be made available on this webpage in 2017.

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.