President For A Day

Have you thought about what it would be like to be the president of Widener University?

Well, now you can seize the day – one day to be exact – to sit in the corner office of Old Main. For one day during the spring semester, President Harris will swap roles with you as you become “President for a Day.” And students, faculty, and administrators will call you, "Madam or Mister President."

That’s right, President Harris attends your classes and takes on your obligations as a student, for a day, while you attend the events and meetings on his schedule in running the university.

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply by Friday, February 14, 2014. 

Download President for a Day application.  

 "Retired Presidents" of Widener

  • Anna Miller '12
  • Bonnie Zwissler '11  
  • Doug Shultz '10 
  • Jay I. Bechtel '09 Mechanical Engineering  
  • Isnard Estriplet '09 Management Information Systems 
  • Danny Gilligan '07 Creative Writing 
  • Shana DeRosa '06 Communications 
  • Mary Kleban '05 Biology
  • Arthur Kalemkarian '04 Electrical Engineering  
  • Amy Lauren Gatto '03 International Business & French

On the left, President Harris in class in place of Anna Miller during President for a Day in 2012. On the right, Miller poses with Jessica Prince, a member of Widener's Advancement team, at Miller's ice cream social.

President for a Day         President for a Day