Presidential Service Corps

Committed to the belief that an education includes both fostering students’ intellectual growth and developing them into socially responsible citizens, President Harris created the Presidential Service Corps (PSC) program in 2002. Since then, the PSC has grown to include up to 60 students per year.

The PSC receives support from the Bonner Foundation, and students commit to an annual international trip for alternative spring break. To become a PSC/Bonner Leader, you must commit to donate 300 hours of community service and every student receives a placement with a community partner. For example, PSC members from the Class of 2013 brought the first ever Relay for Life to Widener’s Main Campus in 2011.

All 60 PSC/Bonner Leaders receive an annual $5,000 award, in addition to any need-based financial aid or academic-based scholarships. As PSC/Bonner Leaders quickly find out, however, it’s not just about putting in “the time.”

Students say that the program introduced them to a diverse group of people they would have never met and helped them to understand the social injustices that face Chester and other communities across the country. For example, PSC/Bonner Leader, Anna Miller ’12, serves as the site team leader at City Team Ministries in Chester; she coordinates the efforts of 10 other PSC students to help City Team better serve the homeless. She was invited to become a member of the Bonner Advisory Board where she helps to plan and lead national Bonner conferences.

The epitome of our core values in action, the PSC/Bonner Leaders are a distinguished group of students who live, learn, and work together, devoting themselves to responsible citizenship and inspiring others to do the same.

To learn more about Widener's PSC/Bonner Leader program, please contact Elizabeth Housholder, assistant dean for civic engagement, at (610) 499-4596 or