• Oskin Leadership Institute

Our Three Pillars

The three pillars on which we stand:


Three Pillars: Courage

We define character as a person’s stable and consistent habits of thoughts and actions. Our character is shaped and reshaped by the choices we make -- and the virtues we choose to practice (or not practice). The college years are an especially critical time to inform and influence a young person’s developing character, in part, because college students are cognitively and emotionally ready to define (or refine) their own self-authored, internalized set of ideals and principles.


Three Pillars: Courage

We understand courage as an “inner strength.” This strength enables us to “lead with integrity” – to follow our core values and convictions despite pressures to the contrary. It is also needed to persevere in the face of a crisis, setback, or loss. It takes courage to change and grow, to discover new things about ourselves and the world around us, especially if we are outside our comfort zone or taking a risk that might end in failing. Finally, leaders possess the courage to ask great questions, even if the “safer road” may be to follow the crowd or stay quiet.


Three Pillars: Competencies

Character and courage are not enough. Effective leaders have also developed three Master Competencies: leading oneself, leading others and leading change. It’s unlikely for a leader to affect positive change – especially a change that endures – without demonstrating these three competencies of leadership.