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Global Leadership

Key Idea

A new breed of leader is emerging from the interconnectedness of the world. The global leader is familiar with the impacts of globalization, adeptly navigating the myriad of cultures and customs that are becoming so critical to organizational success.

Book to Read

What is Global Leadership: 10 Behaviors that Define Global Leaders

by Ernest Grundling, Terry Hogan, and Karen Cvitkovich (2011)

Quick take from the Book  

There are ten key behaviors that define global leaders:

  1. Cultural Self-Awareness

  2. Inviting the Unknown

  3. Results through Relationships

  4. Frame-Shifting

  5. Expanding Ownership

  6. Developing Future Leaders

  7. Adapting and Adding Value

  8. Core Values and Flexibility

  9. Influencing Across Boundaries

  10. Third Way Solutions

Taken into context, the 10 behaviors of global leaders can be used amidst:

  • Population Growth in the Developing World
    From 1950 to 2050, the world’s population will have more than tripled. Almost 100% of this growth is occurring in the developing world, which will have important implications for market trends, supply and demand, workforce availability and the depth of the talent-pool.

  • Changes in the Balance of Growth Domestic Product (GDP)
    Recent estimates suggest that the combined GDP of developing economies has begun to equal, and has the potential to surpass, the GDP of more developed countries. One influential factor of this change is that the emerging markets have moved past the production and consumption of commodities into the production and consumption of more advanced technology.

  • Rapid Urbanization in Asia and Africa
    As traditionally urban demographics become industrialized, their purchasing power and awareness of global goods will increase. In turn, their demand for global products will increase, allowing for untapped markets to emerge across two of the largest continents.

Quote of Note

“Global leadership and its secrets are alluring to anyone who wants to move up the career ladder as quickly as possible. Who wants to be a mere manager within a domestic operation when you could be a global leader instead?” -- What is Global Leadership: 10 Behaviors that Define Global Leaders


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