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Laissez Faire Leadership

Key idea

Laissez-faire is a style of leadership that affords the group members a great deal of independence. Tasks are delegated to the group members and they are responsible to see the project through to fruition. Research has shown that this style of leaderships leads to the lowest levels of productivity. Laissez-faire leadership is not a good fit for individuals that require a good amount of supervision or who are new to a job, but it can work great among experienced professionals who do not require supervision.

Book to read

Laissez-faire Leadership
by Ronald Goodnight, Encyclopedia of Leadership (2004), P. 820-823.

Quick Take from the Article 

Depending on the group members that you have, Laissez-faire leadership may or may not be appropriate. The article covers the implications of having a hands off approach, including safety concerns, productivity levels, and worker satisfaction.

Quote of Note

“Laissez-faire management or leadership can only lead to anarchy, chaos, and inefficiency and can be dismissed out of hand as useless. Basically, the overall effect of Laissez-faire leadership seems to be negative." -Taken from the article Laissez-faire Leadership in the Encyclopedia of Leadership by Ronald Goodnight,(P.822).

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