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Toxic Leadership

Key Idea

Toxic leaders are destructive; their behaviors hurtful to others and their personal qualities usually dysfunctional. These leaders manipulate, deceive, undermine, cling to power, and often mistreat others. They lack integrity, are usually arrogant, and almost always ambitious.

Book to Read  

The Allure of Toxic Leaders
by Jean Lipman-Blumen (2005)

Quick Take from the Book

Research has shown four relevant dimensions of toxic leadership:

  1. Intention
  2. Intensity
  3. Duration
  4. Impact 

Quote of Note 

"The often-cited truism, “there are no leaders without followers,” assumes ominous significance when we consider toxic leaders. It raises a serious question that we followers ignore at our peril: Why, in fact, do followers tolerate, often prefer (and sometimes even create) toxic leaders and, in many cases, for long periods of time?" 
– from Jean Lipman-Blumen

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