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Unnatural Leadership

 Key Idea 

The unnatural leader embraces what has generally been considered the weaknesses of leaders, and then turns those weaknesses into strengths. This style of leader breaks all the conventional rules of leadership, especially the perspective that the leader needs to be “in charge” (think Steve Jobs).

 Book to read

 Unnatural Leadership by David Dotlich (2002)

 Quick Take from the Book

  The unnatural leader engages in 10 practices:

  • Refuse to be a prisoner of experience
  • Expose your vulnerabilities
  • Acknowledge your Shadow side
  • Coach and teach rather than inspire and lead
  • Practice trusting others before they earn it
  • Connect instead of create
  • Give up some control

 Quote of note

“Leaders get in an experience rut. They do the same things the same way because it worked in the past, they don’t have the time to change, or it has contributed to their current success. Rather than analyzing whether a new idea or approach might work better, they reflexively rely on standard operating procedure. The wide-eyed, blue-sky thinking that many young entrepreneurs have practiced was possible because they were not prisoners of their experiences. Their unwillingness to rely on the usual case histories helped them create new industries and companies.” — Unnatural Leadership

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