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Worthy Leadership

Key Idea  

The worthy leader has the requisite character to lead others – not just the required knowledge or skills. At its core, worthy leadership emphasizes personal integrity and ethical behavior, including such virtues as humility, gratitude and forgiveness.

Book to Read   

See the article The Search for Worthy Leadership
by Dale Thompson, Myranda Grahek, Ryan Phillips and Cara Fay

Quick Take from the Book  

In their article, the authors identify three dimensions of the worthy leader:

  1. The Capacity to Lead (what leaders can do – their knowledge, skills and abilities).
  2. The Commitment to Lead (what leaders want to do – their motivations and interests).
  3. The Character to Lead (what leaders will do – their actual behaviors and actions).

Quote of Note   

"Our working definition of worthy leadership is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character and value….The need for the model was initially driven by the observation that many highly talented executives were contributing to, if not actually causing, the catastrophic failures of their organizations and destruction of their own careers."

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