High School Leadership Awards

What are the Widener University High School Leadership Awards? 

Widener University has created a program to identify the region’s best young leaders and honor them for: 

  • Standing up for what is right.
  • Finding a way to address a wrong.
  • Making a difference in a significant way at his or her school or community.

In partnership with WCAU-TV NBC10, Widener University is encouraging principals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to identify one current high school junior who exhibits strong leadership skills, academic excellence, and exceptional character. This character can be shown through participation in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and/or demonstrating a positive influence on their peers.

The selected students will receive an opportunity to participate in a distinctive leadership experience at Widener University, attend a celebratory breakfast at the National Constitution Center, and be recognized for their community efforts. Most notably, winners will receive a $20,000 scholarship awarded over four years should they enroll as undergraduates at Widener University.

Who is eligible to be nominated? 

Any high school junior in good academic standing is eligible to be nominated. The principal of each high school can nominate one student whose application will be verified through the Widener University High School Leadership Awards committee. The Student Nomination Form can be found on our website. Nominated students need to fill out the student form by December 21, 2015. Administrator/Principal Deadline for nominations is extended through December 8, 2015..

May a student be nominated if the high school does not calculate GPA? 

Yes! A student may be nominated even if the school does not calculate GPA. 

How should a principal determine appropriate student to select? 

Principals should select a student who demonstrates the highest level of leadership. Examples of this could include involvement in extracurricular activities at school, commitment to volunteering in the community, and/or having an overall positive impact on their peers. 

How do students qualify for the $20,000 scholarship? 

Students are qualified for the $20,000 Widener University scholarship after their completed forms and essays have been submitted. Once confirmed, students who apply to Widener University and are accepted will automatically receive a $20,000 scholarship upon enrollment. 

When are the winners chosen? 

The winners will be selected and announced in January.

Who should I contact for more information or additional questions?

If you have any questions or need additional information, please e-mail leadershipawards@widener.edu or call 484-385-2900.