Executive Leadership Programs

We believe one size does not fit all.

How are we different?

Executive Leadership BrochureOver the last two decades, the nature of communication of ideas has changed. What was once lamented as a lack of depth is exactly how people assimilate information today. Blogs, social media posts, TV news stories are all short, succinct, and focused on impact. Using a high energy and collaborative environment, we make each session a “leadership workout” where the duration is short, but the intensity is raised. This enables the clients to maintain focus and engage, without burnout.

Our programs are flexible, designed specifically to fit your schedule and address your organization's environment.

Leadership Programs

  • Single topic workshops
  • Half-day or full-day seminars
  • Multi-day programs
  • Professional Development programs

Individual Leadership Coaching

  • One-on-one coaching for you or your team to articulate goals
  • Personalized plans to achieve your goals 

Keynote Speaker

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Veterans (culture, skills transfer, hiring)
  • Courage in the Workplace


Maguire Foundation

The Maguire Foundation was established by Frances and James Maguire. Each year the Maguire Foundation provides scholarship assistance to 150 high school freshmen who attend one of 18 Catholic high schools in the Philadelphia area. These scholarships are renewable for all four years of high school. There are currently 450 high school Maguire Scholars. 

The Foundation has invited the Oskin Leadership Institute to design and implement a Maguire Leadership Certificate. The staff of the institute has been working closely with the Maguire family to create a series of highly-interactive learning experiences that focuses on Mr. Maguire’s Six Steps to Success. These are: Integrity, Discipline, Responsibility, Passion, Preparation, and Balance.


To learn more about the Maguire Foundation visit www.maguirefoundation.org

Chester Water Authority logo

“The Chester Water Authority’s core principles are quality, service and value,” said Michael D’Agostino, manager of the human resources group at the Chester Water Authority. “The Oskin Leadership Institute provides dynamic programming that supports the authority’s core principles. The workshops are insightful and fun, as a result we are growing as leaders.”

Chester Water Authority, Chester, PA

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“I went to the first sessions with a rotten attitude, having been to many similarly titled courses over my career and was proven wrong immediately. The Oskin trainer was prepared, engaging, open and sincere in his approach to encouraging folks to explore and improve their management strengths and skills.”

Monroe Energy, Trainer, PA


UPS logo

United Parcel Service, Philadelphia, PA



 TD Bank logo

TD Bank, greater Philadelphia area


Pacific Millenium logo

“We sent 12 managers of different levels of experience to the Oskin Leadership Institute. Every one of them has been inspired to bring the concepts of leading self, leading others, and leading change back to our organization. Their participation at the Oskin Institute has energized our workforce.”

Pacific Millennium Paper and Packaging Corp, Shanghai, China

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"The explored themes of effectively interacting with and leading others transcend work. The information and practice work will be incredibly valuable to me as an individual, colleague, parent, community and family member."

Aetna Insurance, Hartford, CT

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"Thank you for your wonderful lectures to our training group, discussions with us and thoughtful arrangements for us during our visit to your beautiful university, which I believe very informative and useful for our careers"

Qinghai University, Xining,China