Executive Leadership Programs

Character is a central theme of our approach. Referencing years of research on leadership, we set people on a path to lead with their character; ethical, authentic and dependable. Whether it is the executive suite, the first line of supervisors, or an individual contributor, people are the heartbeat of an organization. Leaders are required at all levels, and we can tailor a leader workshop program with the most potential for growth for maximum return.

The institute has developed an intensive and challenging set of experiences for emerging leaders in corporations and non-profit organizations throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond. The Pacific Millennium Corporation, with headquarters in Shanghai China, is engaged in an Oskin leadership program to enhance their international reach.  During their three-week residency at the Oskin Institute, the executives will receive English language instruction in the morning and leadership training in the afternoon (see our approach). The executives will also be visiting Washington, D.C. and New York City, as part of their cultural immersion into U.S. culture.

This is not just a management program; we acknowledge and appreciate your experience.This is about leadership: Inspiring trust and passion, communicating a vision and getting results. View our brochure and contact us to see how we can help enhance and enrich the leadership power and effectiveness of your organization.