Leaderworks is Widener's leadership certificate program, open to all undergraduates.

Students participate in 15 one-hour leadership workshops that fit into their schedules. Many Widener students also take workshops as part of a required class (such as ENGR-111 or Intro to Nursing). By taking just one workshop a month, students reach 15 workshops by the end of their sophomore year.

Once students attend 15 workshops, they begin creating their own Leadership Portfolio, with the help of a coach from the Oskin Leadership Institute. The portfolio is designed to help students reflect on the insights they’ve gleaned about leadership – especially lessons learned through their own leadership experiences at Widener.

Students present their leadership portfolio at a ceremony and receive their LEADERworks Certificate from the Oskin Leadership Institute.

Sample Workshops

  • Are you ethically fit?
  • Are you listening to your strengths?
  • Personal courage: What does it mean to you?
  • Decision-Making: What’s your style?


All workshops are facilitated by a Widener faculty member or staff person knowledgeable and

enthusiastic about the topic of the workshop.

Why earn a leadership certificate?

  • You will stand out from others when looking for a job.
  • You will be able to articulate the ways in which you are an ethical leader.
  • You will learn to maximize your signature strengths.
  • You will be able to clearly explain your leadership philosophy.
  • You will have a leadership portfolio to show your potential supervisor.

Learn More

Log on to Campus Cruiser and choose the Widener Leadership Certificate Office Page. Or email us at leadership.certificate@mail.widener.edu for more information.