• Oskin Leadership Institute

Our Research Aims

The institute has launched three long-term projects to advance the scholarship dimension of our mission:

  1. Understanding ethical leadership
    Through a series of empirical investigations and focused interventions, the institute seeks to contribute new knowledge to humanity’s understanding of ethical leadership, including the antecedents, behaviors and outcomes of the ethical leader.
  2. Developing new insights and breakthroughs on the nature of courage
    This project focuses on the institute’s mission-inspired commitment to champion courage as a critical dimension of leadership. We aim to serve as the premiere online repository for new books and publications on courage as well as organize symposia to examine the latest scholarship on courage.
  3. Investigating how individuals “learn” leadership
    Can leadership be taught in a classroom setting? Does formal reflection on a crucible leadership experience make a difference? Do we learn more about leadership from the example of a “bad” leader than from a positive role model? This ongoing project seeks to identify and disseminate research-informed approaches and strategies that could make a powerful difference in how we develop leaders in the 21st century.