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Student Testimonial

close faculty connections

Close Faculty Connections

Students discuss the Widener faculty and how they have impacted their academic career and future success. Watch video.

Widener University’s professors are nationally-recognized experts in a wide range of disciplines from international development to biomedical engineering to clinical psychology. They are published authors, award-winning researchers, gifted educators, and sought-after consultants. And while they’re proud of their achievements and accolades, what really matters to them is teaching students.

Student Projects Day

Student Projects Day is an annual celebration of the scholarly work of students across the University and an opportunity for our students to improve their skills in scientific communication. No classes are held, but research presentations, panel discussions, short films, senior projects, interdisciplinary projects, artistic displays and performances are part of a diverse series of offerings open to the entire Widener community.

Widener Professors Teach by Example

Their commitment to teaching is a practical model for Widener’s broader commitment to leadership and service. Their passion for their respective fields is infectious, and they’ll challenge you to do and think and learn more than you ever thought possible.

Faculty Achievements and Awards

September 2017

Beth BarolThe Clinical Services for Vulnerable Adults clinic in Widener University's Center for Social Work Education was awarded a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Over four years, the clinic will receive a total of $660,000 through the HRSA Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training grant to fund 10 social work student intern positions each year, as well as other needs in the clinic. This will allow the clinic to assist more individuals in the Chester community, as well as expand the number of student interns who will get a hands-on clinical experience under the supervision of trained faculty.

Dr Anita SinghThe School of Engineering was awarded a multi-year academic research enhancement award (AREA) grant for $417,185 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The award through the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development will provide funding for Dr. Anita Singh, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, to conduct research through the summer of 2020 in collaboration with Hahnemann Hospital and Shiners Hospitals for Children. The purpose of this grant is to support meritorious research, expose students to hands-on research, and strengthen the research environment in schools. The grant will support Dr. Singh's research on neonatal brachial plexus palsy, a stretch injury to the brachial plexus during the birth process, resulting in varying degrees of paralysis.

Dr. Jonathan AkinsDr. Jonathan Akins, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, secured a grant funding of nearly $140,000 on a project that will benefit military service members and veterans who live with limb loss and use prosthetics. The funding is awarded by the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity. Dr. Akins is collaborating with faculty at the University of Pittsburgh for the study, which seeks to improve prosthetic materials that come into contact with the skin for greater comfort, better health and improved quality of life.


April 2017

Dr Anita SinghThe National Institutes of Health awarded Dr. Anita Singh $108,000 to deliver a Device Development course that includes multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary training and clinical immersion for biomedical engineers and nursing students that will be responsible for translating new devices and technologies from the bench to the bedside. Learn more.



March 2017

Dr. Suk-Chung YoonWidener University, under Dr. Suk-Chung Yoon's guidance, applied with Marist College and three other universities to the National Science Foundation to improve student retention and achievement in computer science. Marist has received funding twice from the NSF and demonstrated successful achievement and graduation rates in computer science. This grant would help determine whether the same kind of success can be achieved by implementing this program at other institutions with different student demographics.


Dr. James VikeThe Teagle Foundation, via Project Pericles, awarded $25,000 to Dr. James Vike to pilot a coherent curricular pathway that provides explicit links among general education requirements and between general education courses and courses in a variety of majors. The pilot pathway will focus on the themes of sustainability and civic engagement and is designed to introduce and integrate more coherent curricular options within Widener's existing general education distribution system.


February 2017

Dr. Justin SitronViiV Healthcare awarded $700,000 to Dr. Justin Sitron to support the work of Widener's Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative with community based organizations and gay black men in Jackson, MS and Baltimore, MD to develop relevant sexuality education content that responds to their needs, is culturally responsive and made available to relevant professionals, and enhances existing sexual health program content through online modules and networks. Learn more.


January 2017

Dr. Jonathan AkinsThe Foundation for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation awarded $10,000 to Dr. Jonathan Akins (Widener) and Brad Tucker (University of Pennsylvania) who are investigating the relationship between balance confidence and turn-specific biomarkers from body-worn sensors during turning gait in both first time and seasoned lower-limb prosthesis users who receive their amputee/prosthetic care through the CMC VA medical center.



August 2016

Dr. Xiaomu SongDr. Xiaomu Song, associate professor of electrical engineering received a Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant of $91,500 from the National Science Foundation, which supported the acquisition of a neural recording system that integrates electroencephalography (EEG) and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRs) to enhance multidisciplinary research. Learn more.



April 2017

Dr. Kristin LefebvreDr. Kristin Lefebvre received the Merit Award from the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. This award acknowledges an individual, group, or organization/institution who has made outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of cardiovascular and or pulmonary rehabilitation and who has been an advocate of the CV & P Section or the profession of physical therapy.



Widener’s faculty will mentor, guide and support as you earn your degree and prepare for the next chapter of your career and your life.

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