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Katherine R. Goodrich PhD

Associate Professor

  • PhD Plant Biology 2008

    University of South Carolina (SC)

  • BIOL 162 Biological Concepts II Plant and Animal Structure and Function

  • BIOL 308 General Botany

  • BIOL 312 Plant-Animal Interactions

My research focuses on the diverse interface between plants and insects. Plant-insect interactions are incredibly diverse and can largely be divided into interactions where plants co-opt insects as pollen vectors (for plant reproduction) and interactions where insects utilize plants as food sources and brood sites. Frequently these two sets of interactions are interrelated. I find it important to consider (1) insect perception of plant cues such as scent, color, shape, and texture, and (2) the multiple contexts in which plant cues, especially scent, may be used by the insect community.

Specifically, I am interested in ecological (multi-trophic) interactions related to floral and vegetative scents and how plant-to-insect olfactory signals function in concert with visual and/or tactile plant cues.

Selected Awards

  • Provost Grant, Widener University Funding for Research, 20152016

  • Faculty Development Grant, Widener University, Funding for research, 20152016

  • Provost Grant, Widener University, Funding for research 20142015

Selected Publications

  • Van Bramer S.E., & Goodrich, K.R. (2015). Determination of plant volatiles using solid phase microextraction GC-MS. Journal of Chemical Education.

  • Goodrich, K.R. (2014). Floral scent in Annonaceae. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 169(1), 262279.

  • Goodrich, K.R., & Raguso, R.A. (2009). The odor component of floral display in Asimina and Deeringothamnus (Annonaceae). New Phytologist, 183(2), 457–469.

Botanical Society of America (BSA), Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB)