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louise m.liable-sands, phd, associate professor of chemistry

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Louise M. Liable-Sands PhD

Associate Professor

  • PhD Inorganic chemistry 2000

    University of Delaware (DE)

  • CHEM 145 General Chemistry I

  • CHEM 100 Chemistry and Everyday Life

  • CHEM 375 Inorganic Chemistry

One of my research projects is exploring the reactivity of low valence manganese thioether complexes by synthesizing and characterizing novel complexes. These complexes are modeled to mimic active sites in enzymes, such as manganese superoxide dismutase. The new manganese (I) and manganese (II) complexes are synthesized and characterized using spectroscopic techniques.

Once the complex structures are determined, reaction with small molecules including molecular oxygen will be performed. Undergraduate students begin their work by synthesizing the thioether ligand, which is performed under an inert atmosphere. Subsequent reactions with manganese compounds are performed in a glove-box. A student is currently exploring the atom economy of the ligand synthesis and will apply the principles of green chemistry to improve the synthesis.

American Chemical Society (ACS)