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ross b. steinman, phd, associate professor, psychology department

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Ross B. Steinman PhD


  • PhD Consumer Psychology/Industrial 2004

    Temple University (PA)

  • PSY 203 Consumer Behavior and Advertising

  • PSY 200 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • PSY 387 Research Design and Laboratory for Psychology

Can we predict to what extent consumers sanction brands for their transgressions? There are many factors that mediate the consumer-brand relationship before, during, and after a brand's transgression. A brand transgression is defined as a violation of consumer-brand relationship norms. This breach of trust can have serious implications for a brand. In my research, I examine the effect of variables such as brand personality, product category, ethnocentrism, and brand-country associations on consumer response to a brand transgression. I also conduct research on automatic consumer behavior. I use implicit and indirect consumer attitude instruments to measure attitudes outside of conscious awareness. In this secondary research area, I examine the automatic components of brand relationship, brand identification, cultural identity, and consumer decision making.

Selected Awards

  • Widener University, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2013–2014

  • Widener University, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, 2012–2013

  • Widener University, Pi Gamma Mu (National Social Science Honor Society) Faculty Appreciation Award, 2007–2008

Selected Publications

  • Steinman, R.B. (2012). Indirect consumer attitude measurement, brand transgression, and the consumer-brand relationship. Journal of American Academy of Business, 18, 62–68.

  • Steinman, R.B. (2012). Brand personality, brand transgression, and consumer behavior. International Journal of Business and Commerce, 2(1), 76–83.

  • Steinman, R.B., & Karpinski, A. (2009). The breadth-based adjective rating Task (BART) in consumer behavior. Marketing Letters, 20(4), 327–335.

Society for Consumer Pscyhology (SCP), International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD), International Academy for Advancement of Business and Research (IAABR)