Friday Evening Sessions

Friday evening sessions are held, weather permitting, once a month, usually on the first Friday of the month (see schedule below). Each session lasts about one hour, although visitors need not stay for the entire period. Friday evening sessions run 8 p.m. until 9 p.m, except for those in May and June. Note that Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT) ends on the first Sunday of November and resumes on the second Sunday in March. All dates in between are Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

We consider requests for telescope viewing sessions for elementary and high school classes, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts, and other organizations. These are usually held on Monday nights, offset from the public session.

The maximum number (adults and children) we can accommodate is 40.

Contact Theresa Sminkey at tasminkey@widener.edu for more details.

Reserve a Friday Evening Stargazing Session for yourself or your group.


Friday Dates Time Slots
2017 January CLOSED
2017 February 3 8:00p — 9:00p
2017 March 3 8:00p — 9:00p
2017 April 7 8:00p — 9:00p
2017 May 5 9:00p — 10:00p
2017 June 2 9:00p — 10:00p