Schools and Departments

We've come a long way from our beginning in 1821 as a Quaker school for boys.

Since then, the institution now known as Widener University has been a prep school, a military academy, and a small college before transforming into the dynamic metropolitan university it is today. Yet throughout its history, Widener University has maintained its commitment to producing leaders in fields ranging from engineering and health care to business and education.

Widener's academic offerings are distributed across seven individual centers of learning:

College of Arts & Sciences

The foundation of the university, A&S provides general education for all students and major courses of study for those interested in the liberal arts. The college also houses master's programs in criminal justice and public administration. There is a certificate program in liberal studies offered as well.

School of Business Administration

Originally called the School of Management prior to 1996, this school served as one of the institution's oldest. Widener has been granting degrees in economics since 1918. Our students have positions in companies like Vanguard, Boeing Company, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, and Comcast.

School of Education, Hospitality, and Continuing Studies

Widener University's newest school, it was created in 2015 through the merger of the School of Education, Innovation, and Continuing Studies and the School of Hospitality Management. This school offers undergraduate and graduate programs for Education and Hospitality Management as well as adult undergraduate programs through the Center for Continuing Studies.

School of Engineering

Engineering at Widener dates back to 1862, and the School of Engineering continues its long tradition of creating leaders in various engineering fields. It offers baccalaureate and graduate programs in biomedical, civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

School of Human Service Professions

Founded in 1993, the Widener University School of Human Service Professions offers baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees in the fields of clinical psychology, human sexuality, physical therapy, and social work.

Law Schools

Widener University offers you an exceptional opportunity to prepare for your legal career in one of two outstanding law schools; Widener University Delaware Law School and Widener University Commonwealth Law School.

School of Nursing

Formerly the Crozer College of Nursing, Widener's School of Nursing opened in 1966 and marked the first time women were admitted as students.