Arts & Sciences

Students in Widener University’s College of Arts & Sciences benefit from a unique academic experience and a hands-on approach to experiential learning with real-world projects such as these:

  • Psychology students conducted research about perceptions on Facebook.
  • Creative Writing students taught poetry and short-story writing to Chester High School juniors.
  • Students in an Environmental Science course worked in Costa Rica to produce an organic coffee brand, WU Brew, which can be purchased in select stores or online.

Vast learning opportunities await both undergraduate and graduate Arts & Sciences students on and off Widener’s campus.

In the Classroom

Most classes are taught by full-time faculty, and class enrollments rarely exceed 33.

In the Lab & Field

Faculty members supervise students in laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, and students often undertake guided field research.

Community Involvement

Widener’s location in metropolitan Philadelphia offers students vast opportunities to work and learn in a variety of schools, businesses, and research facilities. For example, Communications Studies students produced a move to promote a Philadelphia food bank. The College also houses the Environmental Community Outreach Program.

Study Abroad

The college offers students opportunities to travel and study in South and Central America, and Europe. Options include an exchange program with Germany’s University of Greifswald and an annual summer program at the Center for Linguistic and Multicultural Studies at the Universidad Internacional (UNINTER) in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


Academic advisors work closely with students to individually tailor their studies. The school has a vast selection of majors and minors from which to choose. The College of Arts & Sciences has high job placement and acceptance rates to law schools, medical schools, and a wide range of master’s and doctoral programs.

Graduate School

Widener’s College of Arts & Sciences offers master’s degrees in criminal justice, public administration, and liberal studies.