Biology is the comprehensive study of life on earth.

It’s a broad subject, incorporating disciplines as varied as botany and zoology to microbiology and epigenetics. What ties it all together is one simple truth: biology’s core practice is the scholarship of discovery.

Diverse Classroom & Field Experiences

At Widener, students majoring in biology get their hands dirty on day one.

Our goal as educators is to train students as critical thinkers who are skilled in the scientific process. The curriculum is designed to help students learn biology by doing what biologists do every day, in both the lab and the field. Undergraduates engage in hypothesis testing, evidence gathering, analysis and reflective judgment.

Flexible Programs

The department offers two degree options for undergraduates:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology: The “traditional” biology degree that prepares students for entry into advanced study in either graduate or medical school.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology: For students who wish to combine their biology training with study in another field, this degree program provides excellent preparation for admission to physical therapy school and for those that wish to pursue careers in scientific writing, law, or genetic counseling.

Graduates of Widener’s biology program pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in science, go on to medical, dental, and physical therapy school, and have become employed as educators or as scientists in the private sector.

Devoted Faculty

Our 11 faculty members are focused on the academic and professional success of each student. In addition to their commitment to teaching, they are also engaged in their own diverse research projects. Students develop meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty both in and outside of the classroom, and they also engage directly in productive scholarship