Study Abroad

Widener University’s communication studies program is now offering study abroad options in both London and Rome, which provide a high-quality academic and personally enriching experience for undergraduates.

The foreign study semester is offered in conjunction with Westminster University, Harrow Campus, in London, and John Cabot University in Rome.

Besides providing courses that are an excellent fit for communication studies students, courses in both programs are offered that support general education requirements and free electives.

This program is for Widener students with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Certain courses require portfolio pieces to be submitted in advance, so it is recommended that students participate in the study abroad program anytime from the second semester of their sophomore year up until their senior capstone year.

London Program at Westminster University, Harrow Campus

Through the London Program at Westminster University, the typical course load is two applied and two theory courses, equaling 16 credits. The maximum number of applied courses per term is two.

Students' Widener tuition covers the foreign studies semester tuition costs. Additional costs can include passport and travel transportation during spring or winter break.

Rome Program at John Cabot University

Through the Rome Program at John Cabot University, the standard load is five three-credit courses per semester.

Students in the John Cabot program have Fridays off, allowing time to travel over long weekends and also engage in service learning activities.

Students' Widener tuition covers the foreign studies semester tuition costs. Additional costs could include acquiring a passport and a study visa, which can take up to two months.

For more details on course offerings, requirements, costs, and more, contact Dr. Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer, director, communication studies, at or 610-499-4632.