Computer Science

Computer science is the fuel that continues to power our society into the digital age.

There is little in our world that computer science doesn't touch. Medicine, business, education, communications, transportation— there is so much in everyday life that has been transformed by harnessing the power of computers. 

Widener's undergraduate programs in computer science train students for dynamic and challenging leadership positions in their fields, either through graduate study or entry into the workforce. While broad-based in scope, the program gives students freedom to tailor individual curricula to match personal needs and interests.

Students can also take advantage of the department's co-op option, which enables students to work in the industry for a year and still graduate in four years.

Rigorous Academics

Widener's program in computer science allows undergraduates to pursue two major courses of study, both of which provide a strong foundation in programming, logic, databases, artificial intelligence and more.

  • Computer Science: The "traditional" program that prepares students for graduate study or careers as leaders in computer science. After a sequence of core courses that cover fundamental principles and a set of technical elective courses, upper-level study includes two full-year course sequences that provide in-depth exploration of chosen areas in computer science or related areas in mathematics, physics, or engineering.
  • Computer Information Systems: Through a partnership with the Management MIS (management information systems) program in the School of Business Administration, this option provides students a less theoretical and more applied curriculum. The major prepares students to design, build, and maintain computer information systems.
  • Digital Media Informatics: Through a partnership with the communication studies department, this interdisciplinary major focuses on three forces that shape our media world: media consumers, the media industry, and computer systems. This major equips students with a broad spectrum of skills to enter the ever-evolving world of media and digital communications.

Because of our commitment to scholarship and practice, every year we invite high school students in the Mid-Atlantic region (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York) to compete in a computer programming contest

Devoted Faculty

The computer science program is perfectly sized. Through a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, Widener's six full-time faculty members in computer science work closely with undergraduates in small classes and on research projects.

In addition to supervising the student-run computer laboratory, faculty members also help facilitate connections between students and alumni, who regularly offer their time, experience, and professional wisdom as mentors.