Gender & Women's Studies

Gender and women's studies is the scholarship of asking difficult, and often challenging, questions.

It is an interdisciplinary major, one that blends multiple perspectives of gender, sexuality, race, and class into the study of politics, history, theory, humanities, and society. Students who major in gender and women's studies develop a critical thinking framework that helps them re-examine conventional knowledge— not just to the history of women, but to all types of systems they encounter.

Rigorous Academics

Gender and women's studies majors first take core courses that survey feminist research methods and scholarship as well as a selection of electives drawn from a variety of disciplines. As students advance into the major, classes explore gender roles as cultural and cross-cultural concepts, helping students develop awareness of gendered environments and how gender impacts social structures and systems.

Undergraduates interested in gender and women's studies can choose to pair the major with another discipline of their choosing, either in the College of Arts & Sciences or with Social Work.

Devoted Faculty

Widener's small gender and women's studies program pulls faculty members from a number of departments across the university, from history and English to social work and economics. Students can also work closely with their professors on research projects.