From slave revolts, strikes, nuclear standoffs, and genocide, to the fall of the Berlin wall, the triumphs of the civil rights movement, and China's rise to global prominence, studying history at Widener will open your eyes to a broader perspective on the world in which we live. In history classes, you will get to know the past through the words of those who shaped it and were shaped by it – people like Josef Stalin, and Kim Jong-il, as well as lesser known figures like privates in the American Civil War, samurai in Tokugawa Japan, and Russians caught up in the gulag system.

Creative thinking, analytical writing, critical interpretation are the skills that make graduates in history sought-after job candidates in a wide range of fields. Our graduates have excelled at careers in government work, human resources, library science, teaching, business, and the law.

Study Abroad

Students enhance their resumes further by studying abroad—most recently, in Ireland, Germany, Italy, and China. Others gain experience through internships at local archives, such as the American Jewish Museum in Philadelphia or the Pennsylvania Military College Museum on Widener's campus.


With a flexible curriculum, history majors also have the opportunity to minor in an applied field like business, international relations, or environmental science. Many of our students choose the secondary education track, which allows them to acquire both a bachelor's degree in history and certification to teach social studies at the high school level.