Modern Languages

The study of another language is the exploration of the history, culture, and perspective of another group of people.

It is the most challenging and thorough method of learning about others' experiences. It's also one of the best ways to get a greater and more profound understanding of your own self.

At Widener, students wishing to study modern languages become immersed in a complete cultural experience emphasizing linguistic, literary, and cultural studies.

Rigorous Academics

Widener offers two majors through the modern languages department: French or Spanish. Both programs start with introductory courses in language coupled with electives that allow majors to explore the cultural and historical context of their chosen language.

As students progress through the major, semesters feature more intensive language study with room for electives in other languages or subjects.

Minors are available in French, Spanish, and Italian. Students can also procure an education certification in modern languages.

Diverse Classroom & Field Experiences

Widener's faculty is diverse and experienced, featuring professors who have lived, studied, and taught abroad.

You'll find numerous opportunities to explore language and culture outside of the classroom, including lunch conversations regularly held in University Center, and frequent field trips led by faculty to museums, concerts, lectures, restaurants, and films.

Widener's program also provides opportunities for study away from campus. You can choose from a variety of faculty-led trips to and programs in places like Argentina, France, and Mexico, as well as other countries. Through cooperative arrangements with international colleges and non-profit groups, you can participate in summer or year-long programs overseas.