Health Professions Courses

Opportunities are available for students to explore health careers in formal supervised professional settings.

Students who plan to establish a career in the health professions may pursue one or several volunteer experience courses following the completion of at least one laboratory science course. Arrangements exist for most of the experiences to take place at the nearby Crozer-Chester MedicalCenter or the Crozer-Chester Professional Buildings. Veterinary experiences usually take place at the Conchester Animal Hospital.

Courses Available:

  • HPE 201 Emergency-Trauma Medicine Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 202 Surgery Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 203 Optometry Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 204 Podiatric Medicine Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 205 Veterinary Medicine Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 206 Dental Medicine Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 207 Physical Therapy Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 208 Occupational Therapy Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 209 Medical Technology Volunteer Experience
  • HPE 288 Special Topics in Health Professions Volunteer Experience

The following course description applies to all HPE (Health Professions Experiences) courses:

This experience requires a student to observe professional activities in the official capacity of a volunteer for a period of no less than eight weeks and a total of 24 hours. The professional arrangements for each experience are made on an individual basis by the pre-medical advisor in conjunction with the student's academic advisor. Grading is Pass/Fail; the final grade is determined by the pre-medical advisor following consultation with the professional experience supervisor. No experience may be repeated; no more than four experiences may be taken. Prerequisites: sophomore standing, one semester of a laboratory science with a minimum grade of B and/or permission of the pre-medical advisor. 0.5 semester hours.