Contact Information

Dr. Harry Augensen
Professor of Physics & Astronomy
tel: 610-499-4014
fax: 610-499-4496

Undergraduate Research

Participation in a research project promotes development of problem solving skills and a connection to the scientific world. It also allows students to work closely with a faculty member of their choice and become a part of the scholarship of discovery.

Collaborate With The Faculty

Undergraduate science majors are encouraged to become involved in research projects in collaboration with faculty. These include:

  • Observational astronomy
  • Ecological studies
  • Environmental analysis
  • Environmental animal physiology
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Soil microbiology
  • Crystal growth
  • Molecular genetics

Many other research projects are also currently underway in the Science Division.

These projects provide students with valuable research experience and have led to scientific presentations by students at local, national, and international meetings.

College of Arts and Sciences Student Summer Housing Program

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Student Summer Housing Program is an opportunity for students who are working with faculty on research projects to stay on-campus for the summer. Students accepted into the program will not have to pay summer housing charges, but will be responsible for their own food expenses; a meal plan through the University cafeteria will be available for those interested.