Social Sciences

If you are keenly interested in people and groups of people, you may be ready to major in one of the social sciences. You'll be successful as a social sciences major if you're fascinated by communications, communities, culture, and relationships that are all part of the interactions and intersections of being human.

As the 21st century takes shape, students with a social sciences major are especially poised to observe the constant changes taking place in human behavior as we interact, share, and collaborate through digital media in a global village. 

Majors and Minors in the Social Sciences

The majors offered within our Social Sciences Division represent three fields:

  1. Behavioral Sciences (majors in anthropology, criminal justice, psychology, and sociology)
  2. Communication Studies and Digital Media Informatics
  3. Political Science (majors in international relations and political science)

Experiential Learning

Successful careers and citizenship in the 21st century require skills such as leadership, effective communication, collaborative research, and civic engagement. As a Social Sciences major in the College of Arts and Sciences, you'll develop these skills and more, learning from expert faculty and an innovative curriculum. 

The curriculum offers you countless opportunities for experiential learning (i.e., real-world experiences) and the chance to reflect on your preferred field of study in preparation for your career. Internships are available in government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations.

Consistent with Widener's commitment to civic engagement, you can also engage in service-learning courses in which you will work with organizations throughout the Greater Philadelphia region to apply your knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. Students have designed and implemented a number of public interest projects and campaigns, such as a SuperPac (College Students Concerned by College Costs (CSC3) and a website ( to help students understand the true costs of higher education as well as a multimedia campaign for the Boys and Girls Club of Chester, Pennsylvania.

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