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Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapists examine, diagnose, and treat patients that have a variety of musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and pulmonary problems. Undergraduate students at Widener can major in several different fields of study while at the same time taking a sequence of courses that will prepare them well for admission to professional school in physical therapy.

The College of Arts & Sciences works closely with Widener’s doctoral program in physical therapy to ensure that our pre-physical therapy students get the courses and advising that they need to succeed in graduate school and in their chosen professions. 

At Widener, students who choose to prepare for graduate study and an eventual career in physical therapy have several advantages, including admissions preferences (and, for qualified students, a reserved seat) to Widener’s doctoral program in physical therapy.

Undergraduate Majors

Unlike many other universities, Widener provides an advantage in that it allows students to pursue their interest in physical therapy while at the same time exploring their interests and passions in any of several different majors, including:

Given that physical therapists must deal with their patients as whole persons and also must understand the institution of healthcare, these majors all prepare students for careers in physical therapy by emphasizing different knowledge and skills that are needed for practicing physical therapists.

Regardless of major, all students will take the required science courses needed for success in doctoral study. The coursework in combination with the assistance of a pre-physical therapy advisor prepares students for graduate study and an ultimate career in physical therapy.

Program Options

Widener undergraduate students who declare their interest in pre-physical therapy and take the requisite courses are at an advantage when applying for admission into the university’s competitive physical therapy doctoral program. Students are presented with a few program options that offer them a reserved seat in Widener’s doctoral program.

Career Opportunities in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a rewarding career that offers people a high level of job satisfaction, employment opportunities in a wide range of healthcare settings, and good salaries.

  • Physical therapy is ranked twelth in the US News & World Report 2018 list of “The 100 Best Jobs.”
  • ranked physical therapy sixth in its November 2012 list of top 10 “Fastest Growing Jobs.”
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that physical therapists’ employment is expected to grow 28 percent by 2026.
  • The median salary for physical therapists is $80,000, according to the APTA 2010 Median Income of Physical Therapists Summary Report.