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Alumni Spotlight: Alysha E. Moretti '13

alysha e. morettiBS Biochemistry and Chemistry


Doylestown, PA

Current Position

PhD Candidate
Rutgers University



My Widener Experience

Why did you decide to major in biochemistry and chemistry?

I always wanted to understand how life has evolved and manages to function well enough to support the sustained existence of different organisms. Biochemistry gives a molecular perspective on the processes that allow life to exist and provides answers that explain why different problems arise when these processes go awry. I've always envisioned myself having a career that utilizes that knowledge to somehow benefit human health.

What made you choose widener?

I chose Widener because of the small class size and individual attention I could receive. In the small niche of the biochemistry department, students and faculty build incredible relationships that immensely benefit the entire experience of undergraduate education—learning, networking, developing postgraduate plans, and so on.  

My Professional Experience

How has widener prepared you for life after college?

Widener gave me the skills to probe and understand the deeper context of how the science I am interested in can be applied to benefit society. Widener taught me to be thorough in understanding background information, be thoughtful and intentional in experimental design, and be effective in reaching a wide audience when sharing the data and information I have acquired.  

What advice would you give a prospective student considering your major?

I would advise prospective students to never be afraid to ask questions. You don't appear to be unknowledgeable by doing so. If anything, it demonstrates interest and a deeper desire to understand. In the end, you will have more knowledge, a better understanding of the context of different material, and the ability to apply the knowledge in your postgraduate plans to achieve your goals.