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Alumni Spotlight: Christopher M. Hahn '99

christopher m. hahn

BS Computer Science


Seattle, WA

Current Position

Chief Entrepreneur




My Widener Experience

Why did you decide to major in computer science?

I decided to major in computer science while I was in high school. I had been programming since I was 14, and I knew software was for me.

What made you choose widener?

I chose Widener for a few key reasons. First, I liked that it had small class sizes. Second, I liked the faculty I met during my tours of the computer science department. And third, Widener was on the Internet in 1995. No other schools I looked at had a lab to show off where you could surf the web. Back then, that was a huge deal for me; it showed me that Widener faculty understood where the future was going.

My Professional Experience

How has widener prepared you for life after college?

Widener taught me that it's okay to ask for help and that those who pursue knowledge are the kinds of people you should surround yourself with. This applies to jobs you're taking as well as teams you may one day build. I regularly look to hire people that I think are smarter or more knowledgeable than I am somehow. I thank Widener professors for this in their constant desire to collaborate with students.

What advice would you give a prospective student considering your major?

Learn how to program before you get to school (if you're an undergrad). Study Java, Python, or C#. Study hard math and logical thinking. If you're going to grad school, pay close attention to algorithms that get smarter over time without the need for overt human intervention. Oh, and always be learning!