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Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Waldeyer '05

Kelly Waldeyer '05

BA Communication Studies


Berwyn, PA

Current Position

Television host, Joy in Our Town



My Widener Experience

why did you decide to major in communication studies?

I decided to major in communication studies because I always wanted to be a filmmaker, but I come from a family with several generations of journalists. I figured that if I got a well-rounded liberal arts education, one that also focused on both those aforementioned subjects, there were many avenues I could take in my future. Such a path provided me with a stronger foundation to pursue my dreams, but also gave me practical options for my career.  

what is your favorite memory of widener?

I still smile as I recall giving the commencement speech and looking out over the crowd, seeing all the wonderful people I had come to know, and who had helped me make it to graduation day. Each friend and classmate reminded me of good times we had, ways we changed, and challenges we met. There were many great memories wrapped up in that one moment.


My Professional Experience

what do you like most about your current position?

I love learning new subjects and conquering things outside my comfort zone. Hosting Joy in Our Town allows me to do both in a challenging and exciting way. Not only are my professional skills honed by the many complex situations hosting throws at me, but I get to interview subject experts who share their stories and generously offer their knowledge to educate our viewers. Every interview and expert is different, and every single one adds to my own knowledge and experience, which makes it all the more exciting for me. 

what advice would you give a prospective student considering your major?

Try learning different things, especially ones that might not fit with what you think you want to be in your career. The skills I least expected to use as I was learning them, seem to be the ones I've relied on most. Also — be teachable. People WILL make mistakes. No show, production, or design will be perfect, but learning from each experience and continuing to grow is what matters. Every boss I've had preferred someone willing to learn and grow, rather than a know-it-all trying to be perfect all the time.