Dual Degrees

Good business is built on strong partnerships. Business education is no different.

At Widener University, the School of Business Administration works with other academic units on campus to offer graduate level business education to students in disciplines ranging from law and engineering to clinical psychology and medicine.

The following dual degree programs are currently being offered:


Widener's schools of Law and Business Administration have a dual degree program designed to grant the JD/MBA degree within four years. The combined degree program results in a fully integrated curriculum where the disciplines of law and business administration complement each other, affording an opportunity to grasp the relationships more readily than if each field were studied separately.

Students interested in the combined program should apply for admission separately to both the School of Law and the School of Business Administration.


The schools of Engineering and Business Administration have collaborated to offer a program for engineers who have managerial and technical responsibilities. Completion of the required curriculum leads to the degrees of Master of Engineering and Master of Business Administration.

MBA candidates must take the GMAT, and acceptance by both schools must be granted before formal admission to the joint program is completed.


Offered in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson University's Jefferson Medical College.


The PsyD/MBA program is based on the premise that many health care and other organizations are in need of well-trained leaders who integrate psychological and business-organizational knowledge.

The program awards the MBA offered by the University's School of Business Administration and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree offered by the University's Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology. Jointly, the health administration/psychological training is designed to enable graduates to pursue a variety of career choices, including director-administrator, teacher, consultant, advocate, policy maker, and practicing clinical psychologist.


Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and Widener's School of Business Administration have a joint program designed to grant the MD/MBA-HCM degrees within five years.

As the health care system has become more complex, the need for physician-managers has grown. The dual program is designed to prepare physician-managers who will operate in the interface between clinical practice and management. The physician-manager will be trained to make decisions that consider the balance among quality, access, cost effectiveness, and efficiency.