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Industry Partners

Our mission is to prepare students for the future.

To accomplish this goal, we have teamed with the best organizations in the world that have developed the latest technologies to propel our students into the future. The SBA has formed lasting relationships with IDS Scheer and SAP** Americas, with whom we work closely to provide a positive and stimulating learning environment for our students.

These premier software companies provide the world and us with Business Process Management (BPM) software, solutions and services. **Please view a SAP Partnership video

Dr. Yvonne Antonucci received the 2009 Fitz Dixon Innovation in Teaching Award for her unique and innovative style. Her students will participate in an ERP Simulation Game that runs on a SAP Platform. This real time simulation game integrates manufacturing, accounting and the sales process so students learn how to make the best business decision to ensure profitability. Our students are learning new technologies, business skills, and interacting with students from around the world.

We will introduce you to individuals who can help you in your career. We provide opportunities with our industry partners that will enable you to expand your outreach and meet potential employers. You will see first hand by participating in our Wawa Co-Op trip how a successful retail food and gas operation has expanded over the years and grown its outreach throughout the MId-Atlantic region. We have the ability to take our freshman students to see how the gaming industry works and have a successful alumni explain the excitement and satisfaction he gets from running a financial division for Harrah's.