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School of Business Administration
Quick Center
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Savas Özatalay
tel: 610-499-4301
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Penelope S. Greenberg
Associate Dean
tel: 610-499-4475
fax: 610-499-4615

Lou Anne Vike
Assistant Dean, Academic Programs
tel: 610-499-4303
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Jessica F. Hoopes
Assistant Dean, Relationship Development
Quick Center, Room 141
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SAP Curriculum

ERP Certificate Using SAP

Subject SAP Content Program
Accounting Information Systems, ACCT 630 CO/FI MBA, MSAIS, MSIS
ERP: Profitability Analysis, ACCT 632 CO, Profitability Analysis MBA, MSAIS, MSIS
Value/Supply Chain Management, MGT 651 PP, Labs, Cases MBA, MSIS
Technology in Marketing, MKT 642 SD, CRM MBA
Process Analysis and Workflow Management (WFMS), IS 601 (Formerly MIS 601) Solution Manager, Workflow Module Lecture, Labs, Cases, Seminars MBA, MSAIS, MSIS
Programming for ERP Systems, IS 607 BASIS/ABAP MSIS
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, MIS 615 (Formerly IS 605) SAP Module Overview, SD, CO, FI, PP, HR, – – MSIS
Decision Support Systems, IS 650 (Formerly MIS 650) SEM MBA, MSIS
Managerial Accounting, ACCT 314 CO/FI Undergrad
ERP Systems and Workflow Management, MIS 430 SAP Module Overview Solution Manager, Workflow Undergrad
Supply Chain Management, MGT 460 PP Undergrad
Customer Relationship Management, MKT 409 CRM Undergrad
Business Expert Systems, MIS 441 SEM Undergrad