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Business Informatics

If you are excited by a ground-breaking field focusing on the integration of business and technology, Widener's new undergraduate informatics major — one of only five programs of its kind in the nation — is right for you.

The Profession

Business informatics appeals to students with an interest in the business world who enjoy working with technology, social networking and the Internet. This rapidly growing area combines business strategy and information technology and applies to a wide range of industries. Graduates will learn the skills to become leaders in companies that are in the forefront of today's economy. You can work in applications development, data and database administration, Internet and e-commerce, networking and telecommunications as well as software development and many more technology sectors.

Job Opportunities

The field of Business Informatics is experiencing significant expansion that is only expected to grow. The Internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) are examples of how people use technology to communicate and do business. The development of new tools and technologies, like iPads and cloud computing, continues to fuel job creation in the digital business environment.

The industry need is rising for skilled professionals who have a combination of business savvy and technology skills. This degree can lead to top leadership positions with annual salaries like the following:

  • Chief Information Officer – $130,000 to $220,000
  • Chief Technology Officer – $115,000 to $175,000
  • Chief Security Officer – $107,000 to $165,000

Other in-demand positions for our graduates with business informatics degrees:

  • Business analyst
  • Business architect
  • CRM developer
  • Database modeler
  • Data security specialist
  • Process analyst
  • Project manager
  • System analyst

The Program

Widener's business informatics major expands the breadth and depth of business and technology integration by sharing School of Business Administration faculty expertise with that of the computer science faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences. You will develop a business mindset and proficiency in technology, which is a powerful combination in today's job market.


Coursework emphasizes the importance of leadership and ethics in the changing business environment. You will undertake a traditional core of business requirements combined with courses specific to the business informatics major, such as Introduction to Informatics, Project Management, and Structured Systems Analysis and Design.

Graduates will learn how to:

  1. Capture and analyze data;
  2. Understand how technology supports broader business objectives and adds value;
  3. Integrate and leverage programs, resources, and expertise of various disciplines, including computer science, management information systems, and communication studies; and
  4. Utilize the principles of business process management.

This program is aided by the School of Business Administration's established relationship with SAP, the world's leading provider of business software solutions. The SBA joined the SAP University Alliance and started offering graduate courses with SAP using ERP systems.


Widener's faculty have considerable business experience and scholarly credentials — an essential combination for those who help others excel in a technology driven environment. Our faculty are actively engaged in the business world as practitioners and consultants. They share real-world experiences to make your learning environment richer. We introduce you to industry contacts that will help you start a career.

Dr. Yvonne Antonucci, a key faculty member in the program, received the 2009 Fitz Dixon Innovation in Teaching Award. Her project simulated a real-world, international assignment, in which project teams on two continent completed a project with the help of technology. Many of our faculty are involved in research and ongoing projects with international corporations.