Student Managed Investment Fund

How to give

Donate to the fund

Alumni and friends of the university are encouraged to donate to the Student Managed Investment fund. Visit, go to MAKE A GIFT, select OTHER, and designate your gift to the Student Managed Investment Fund in the available text box.

The Student Managed Investment Fund offers an experiential learning opportunity for Widener University students that brings the world of finance to life.

The fund began with a donation to the School of Business for use by students to practice investment strategies, particularly the buying and selling of stocks, with the goal of growing the fund.

The Money Club is the student organization tasked with managing the fund. The learning objectives of the fund are:

  • Provide experiential learning opportunities in assets and investment management business for members of Widener University's money club

  • Provide opportunities for members to build relationships with professionals and professional associations in the financial services industry

  • Civically engage members to be active participants in addressing issues of public concern

The fund's advisory board, made up of professional leaders in the world of finance, provides guidance on strategic and policy initiatives. The Investment Committee approves investment decisions, fund objectives, and the selection of portfolio managers and analysts, while also approving of the fund performance report. The committee is made up of faculty advisers, Money Club executives, and portfolio managers.

Fund Management Process

Portfolio managers regularly monitor fund performance, review and forward buy/sell recommendations to the Investment Committee for approval, prepare periodic performance reports, and maintain fund records.

Security analysts screen and analyze securities for purchase based on fund investment policy, and regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of currently held securities. Analyst positions are open to students of all majors and academic standing.

The Widener Large Cap Equity Fund

Fund financial objectives

  • Capital appreciation and income: 95 percent of assets are invested in large-cap common stocks; stocks are listed and traded on a U.S. national exchange; long positions only: no ETFs, options, derivatives, etc.
  • Dividend income: At least 45 percent of assets paying above S&P 500 average dividend yield
  • Outperform the S&P 500 Benchmark by 2.5 percent on a risk-adjusted basis

Portfolio attributes

  • Concentrated, 15-to-20 stocks
  • Diversified across sector
  • Top-down approach

Pricing discipline

  • Buy if a stock is at least 10 percent below intrinsic value

Sell discipline

  • Collective decision by the Investment Committee
  • Factors considered: growth potential, realign sector allocation, realize gains, etc.

Widener Money Club

The Widener Money Club's mission is to further enrich students' academic experience with extracurricular and experiential activities in finance, and to foster a positive social environment for networking and building relationships with industry professionals.

Each semester, the Widener Money club organizes activities including career-building events featuring industry professionals as guest speakers, networking events with alumni and advisory board members, field trips to major financial institutions and locations, and civic events such as food drives and volunteer activities.

Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Current students can request to join the club here.