Workshops for Professionals and Students

At Widener University, we know it's not all about book learning.

Professional Development for Adults

You must be able to interview well, make exciting presentations, learn how to negotiate, and understand what is right and wrong. We provide professional development workshops that teach you skills which will help you in your career.

You will learn from a top-notch professionals how to negotiate the work world. Dr. Craig Loundas received his doctorate from Temple University and began working in corporate human resources with Sunoco and Exelon and is currently a Senior Organizational Design Consultant for Penn Medicine.

We offer the following workshops throughout the year to our graduate students:

Career Development

We discuss the volatility of today's job market, the importance of defining your own personal development plan and using social networking sites to build your professional network.


This workshop will provide a foundation for interviewing techniques and questions you can expect to be asked.


In today's business world there is increased emphasis on communicating the organizations' code of ethics to employees. Using a case-based approach we will examine potential misconduct and ethical decision making.

Developing Exceptional Presentations

You will learn how to plan and prepare presentations that hit the mark and wow your audience.


Whether you are negotiating work, talking to your boss about your next raise, or buying a car, you will learn techniques about establishing mutual purpose, communicating effectively and listening attentively and generating alternative solutions.

High School Academic Workshops

The School of Business Administration, with generous support from TD Charitable Foundation, has launched a series of workshops designed to educate, inspire and inform area high school students on the benefits of a business education.

Financial Literacy Workshop

In this workshop, students hear from our faculty who were the first in the area to take the initiative to develop a financial literacy course. These highly regarded professors will take students through the dangers of credit cards, will explain the benefits of compound interest, and will make it all interactive and fun.

Back to Business Workshop

Talk to the expert about why Widener is right for them.

Our students and alumni will tell you about going to China, learning on the job at a Co-op experience, working with  the Philadelphia Union, playing division lll sports, ask them about living on campus and how the small class size helped them. We will have fun and you will learn about the Widener business education prepare you for your future. 

Entrepreneurship Workshop

This workshop will let you learn how to start your own business, work in teams and learn what kind of leader you are.  Professor Jim Porter has extensive experience with the DuPont Company and knows the dynamics of start up operations,.  You will hear from successful entrepreneurs that can teach you tools to run a company.


Girls Academic Workshop

This program provides opportunities for young women to learn how to network, how to enrich emotional intelligence, and how to solve business problems by participating in a business simulation game. Students will not only meet successful alumni that run their own companies and work for prominent banks, but participants will also learn how these women have created a business career that satisfies them. This interactive day involves our faculty, alumni and our business partners, all coming together to inspire young women.

Summer Camp

For one week you will join the SBA faculty and staff to learn about a business education.  We will take you to the dollar store and give you money to buy products.  Then you sell them to the Widener community and earn a profit.  You keep the money! As you learn about finance, marketing and accounting, you are also meeting executives from UPS, going on a tour of PPL Park and meeting the players.  At night we take you bowling and out to dinner. It's fun and games,and learning!