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Employee Training Program

Would you like to bring some additional training to your employees? Continuing Studies and Widener University can design courses that meet your needs and bring them to your corporation onsite. Here is a sampling of some of the programs we have worked on with other corporations, big and small.

Communication: Written

The five week course will focus on improving the management of written business communication. The employee will learn how to write professional notes that are proactive, complete and concise, that have a professional tone, and that use simple language. A focus on e-mail communication is also covered.

Prioritizing and Delegating

In this course, the managers will gain a better understanding of the time matrix, by examining their own personal time use and the expectations for those people around them. They will be provided tools to establish a plan for prioritizing work on a day-to-day, as well as weekly, basis.

Strategic Leadership

In today's increasingly competitive and interconnected business environment, leaders must have the capacity to provide their organization with a guiding vision for future growth and prosperity. Moreover, they must possess the strategic leadership skills needed to translate this vision into a set of achievable goals.

What is Good Customer Service?

Delivering quality service to customers is essential to the operation of any organization. We will show you how to work with one customer, one quality interaction at a time, to meet customer expectations. The program will help you and your department to:

  • Think about your service delivery system.
  • Identify if you are truly customer-friendly.
  • Develop service-oriented skills to result in a "can-do" attitude.
  • Evaluate how you are doing from the customer's point of view.
  • Reward and recognize service improvement.


Call Continuing Studies at (610) 499-4370, to find out how you and your employees can take advantage of Widener's employee training programs.