Transfer Credit

Continuing Studies welcomes students who wish to transfer from other colleges or who have attended college in the past. After completing the Continuing Studies application and forwarding official transcripts of all prior college work, transfer students will receive complete information showing how the college courses transfer. The following are considered in awarding transfer credits:

  • Course work must come from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the appropriate professional body. An original transcript with institutional and registrar’s signature is required.
  • Course work is accepted and placed against requirements of a chosen curriculum either as equivalent to a required course or as an elective. Other eligible courses are accepted on the transfer credit statement with an appropriate notation.
  • Credit will not be awarded for developmental, basic or community service programs.
  • Transfer credits will be awarded for not more than one half of the courses required in the major subject area of an academic program.
  • Grades of C-or lower may not be transferred if it is a required course for the student’s major.